Red Eye

Article by: Heather Schroering
October 28, 2015

Veggie burger ($11) at Black Iron Tavern 
401 N. Milwaukee Ave. 312-690-4000
I’d expect nothing less than perfection from Charlie Trotter protege Michael Taus (Taus Authentic), who's behind this new River West elevated sports bar. While I love a good, sloppy bun-bulging plant-based patty, this is the veggie burger I dream of. The patty, made of soy protein, mushrooms and red peppers and clothed with the smokiest gouda, lettuce and vegan mayo, remains perfectly intact on the pillowy egg-glazed roll. With a side of hand-cut fries and Sriracha mayo, the plate left me in a giddy food stupor that almost softened the strife of my team’s maddening fumbly ball-handling. Almost. I ordered a Penicillin ($10), a classic scotch cocktail with ginger liqueur, lemon juice and honey, for an extra dose of medicine. The bar takes up nearly the entire front room, and there are more than a dozen TVs throughout the place, so on game day, it’s football everywhere you look.

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